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Passion drives the engineers at AMG® to create the best performance luxury vehicles on the market today. At Mercedes-Benz of West Chester we share that passion for perfection and pass it on to our AMG® driving enthusiasts. We earned our AMG® Certification through our commitment to advancement in quality, service and performance. As one of the distinguished Certified AMG® Performance Centers, Mercedes-Benz of West Chester offers first-class delivery and service along with exceptional knowledge of AMG® models and the future of the AMG® brand.

The performance division of Mercedes-Benz AMG® builds vehicles individually to embody the core elements of the brand: “Driving Performance.” An AMG® vehicle is not simply a Mercedes-Benz with more horsepower — no, these exceptional cars are the products of hundreds of thousands of development hours at the hands of skilled engineers, designers and craftsmen. If you’re looking for a thrill ride like no other you will find it at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester.

View The Line-up of AMG® Models:

AMG® GTS Coupe
AMG GT Coupe
With a “GT” designation that indicates higher horsepower, a recalibrated sports transmission and an enhanced sports suspension, this gull-winged supercar follows nothing but the road.
CLS 63 AMG® Coupe
Exclusive AMG® design lower bodywork speaks to style with a specific purpose: performance And a 5.5-liter bi-turbo V8 is just one way the CLS 63 AMG® goes beyond the ordinary.
C 63 AMG® Coupe
C63 AMG Coupe
Two doors, a windswept profile and four individual sport seats set the stage in a vehicle with fierce power and refined comfort that provokes a response in driver and onlookers alike.
CLA 45 AMG® Coupe
The world’s most powerful four-cylinder production engine, a new fully-variable AMG® Performance 4MATIC® all-wheel-drive system, and intensive styling make this sedan a beautiful addition to the AMG® family.
S 63 AMG® 4MATIC® Sedan
S63 Sedan
Flagship meets rocket ship: ferocious yet refined styling, handcrafted appointments and blistering, 4MATIC® all-wheel-drive performance in a 577-hp. “The best or nothing”.
E 63 AMG® Sedan
AMG® pushes everything E-Class to its apex. Bold, athletic styling gets even more aggressive. Power and handling are pushed to their limits. Sophistication gets a new definition.
SL 65 AMG® Roadster
Equipped with a 630-hp V-12 engine and one of the most advanced production suspensions in the world, this truly is the pinnacle of performance roadsters.
In the hands of AMG®, the iconic and uncompromising Mercedes-Benz off-roader emerges as more ferocious, luxurious, and more exclusive than ever before.
AMG® gives the adventurous utility and practical functionality of the GLA a generous shot of adrenaline starting with the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder production engine.