Car Battery Replacement Cost

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Whether your car isn’t starting or the ignition is clicking without turning over, you might be looking into when to replace your car battery. This can be a sudden expense that catches a lot of Cincinnati drivers by surprise. For this reason, you might want to start looking into car battery replacement costs. Here at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester, our experienced technicians can help with car battery replacement service. So, exactly how often do you need to replace your car battery? We’ll explore this along with how much you can expect car battery replacement to cost, below. 

Average Car Battery Replacement Cost

So, what is the average car battery replacement cost? Normally, car battery replacements cost anywhere from $75 to $120, if you complete the installation yourself. Also keep in mind, the price of a premium battery can range from $90 to $200. If you use a professional car battery replacement service, the cost will run you a little more. This is due to the fact that you have to pay an additional labor cost. The service department at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester can replace your battery and provide other services affordably, especially when you use our service coupons.

How Often to Replace a Car Battery

Wondering how often to replace your car battery? Make sure you don’t become stranded in Oxford because your battery suddenly died on you. Keeping an eye out for some key signs that something may be going wrong is important. Below are some warning signs that the battery may be dying:

  • It takes a while for your car to start
  • The battery is bulging or swollen in places
  • The check engine indicator is flashing (a faulty battery is not the only possible cause of this)
  • The battery is leaking

If you notice these things, you should locate car battery replacement service near you and keep the information on-hand, just in case you run into trouble while out and about in West Chester. 

Car Battery Replacement Service at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester

Schedule an appointment online to take advantage of car battery replacement service at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester. Our expert Mercedes-Benz technicians have plenty of vehicle maintenance tips and tricks. Wondering how to reset your tire pressure light or how to reset your check engine light? We can help! Keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in top shape with Mercedes-Benz of West Chester near Monroe.

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