Mercedes-Benz Model Lineup — Sedans, SUVs, Coupes and more

Ready to upgrade your daily commute from West Chester to Cincinnati with a new Mercedes-Benz sports car or luxury SUV? The current Mercedes-Benz lineup includes premium sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, and more, so there’s something for every lifestyle and every budget in Oxford! Whether you’re looking to make a modest entry to the luxury segment or you’re ready for a high-end model that pulls out all the stops, you’ll find it at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester.

Mercedes-Benz Coupes


2020 CLA Coupe

Starting At: $36,650 MSRP**

Blending a coupe’s athleticism with the convenience of four doors, the CLA Coupe has style to make you look and substance that will have you raving. The new CLA style is sleek like a coupe, yet offers room for five at an eye-opening price.

  • Models: CLA 250 Coupe, CLA 250 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® CLA 35 Coupe, AMG® CLA 45 Coupe


2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2020 C-Class Coupe

Starting At: $49,950 MSRP*

Elegant lines slice the wind and the clutter of ordinary cars. Sculpted muscle and a confident stance put emotion into motion. Athletic yet elegant and clean yet impeccably detailed, the C-Class Coupe offers an exciting new take on the traditional C-Class Sedan.

  • Models: C 300 Coupe, C 300 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® C 43 Coupe, AMG® C 63 Coupe, AMG® C 63 S Coupe



2020 E-Class Coupe

Starting At: $64,350 MSRP*

Experience the view in Monroe through four power side windows uninterrupted by the framework. The new E-Class Coupe takes an elaborate feat of engineering to uphold two longstanding traditions: Unmatched style and extraordinary strength. The view from outside is no less enticing, with a chiseled physique and a confident stance.

  • Models: E 450 Coupe, E 450 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® E 53 Coupe


2016 Mercedes CLS CLS400 CLS550 AMG CLS63 Coupe in West Chester, Ohio

2020 CLS Coupe

Starting At: $69,950 MSRP*

A powerful expression of individuality in a visionary four-door coupe, the CLS Coupe boasts a muscular stance and scintillating details. From its chrome diamond-block grille and LED headlamps to its four frameless doors and sweeping profile, it’s a moving experience for the eyes. Whether you opt for a standard CLS Coupe or upgrade to an AMG® model, it’s sure to make your heart race.

  • Models: CLS 450 Coupe, CLS 450 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® CLS 53 Coupe

2016 Mercedes GLE Coupe SUV GLE450 AMG®, AMG® GLE43, AMG® GLE63 in West Chester, Ohio

2021 GLE Coupe

Starting At: $76,500 MSRP

Also blurring the line between coupe and SUV is the new 2021 GLE Coupe. It’s got a future-leaning exterior design with an opulent cabin that leaves nothing to be desired. 

  • Models: AMG® GLE 53 Coupe, AMG® GLE 63 S Coupe*


2020 gt 4 door coupe

2020 Mercedes-AMG® GT 4-Door Coupe

Starting At: $99,950 MSRP*

Do you crave the excitement of the Mercedes-AMG® GT Coupe but prefer the convenience of four doors? Check out the Mercedes-AMG® GT 4-Door Coupe model. Equipped with a base-level 429-hp AMG®-enhanced 3.0L inline-6 turbo with EQ Boost, it’s sure to deliver the thrills you seek.

  • Models: AMG® GT 53 4-Door Coupe, AMG® GT 63 4-Door Coupe, AMG® GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe


2017 Mercedes S-Class S550 AMG S63 AMG S65 Coupe in West Chester, Ohio

2020 S-Class Coupe

Starting At: $130,150 MSRP*

Exclusive among its audience and extraordinary in every way, the S-Class Coupe defies constraints and compromise alike. Advancing the state of the art with industry-changing breakthroughs and pillarless style, it’s a symphony of smooth and sharp that builds off of the classic S-Class Sedan with unique coupe styling.

  • Models: S 560 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® S 63 Coupe

2020 glc coupe

2020 GLC Coupe

Starting At: $50,000 MSRP*

The new GLC Coupe is a unique coupe-SUV blend, offering the sporty-sleek looks of the classic GLC SUV with the elegant sloping roofline of a Mercedes-Benz coupe model. 

  • Models: GLC 300 4MATIC® Coupe, AMG® GLC 43 Coupe, AMG® GLC 63 Coupe, AMG® GLC 63 S Coupe

Mercedes-Benz Sedans

2016 Mercedes C-Class C300 Sedans in West Chester Ohio

2020 C-Class Sedan

Starting At: $41,400 MSRP*

Poised, precise, and powerful. Exceptionally sleek, yet subtly elegant. Generous with space and safety, yet fun, agile, and efficient. The new C-Class shape sets a benchmark for luxury sport sedans. And in both luxury and sportiness, the experience upholds everything its style promises.

  • Models: C 300 Sedan, C 300 4MATIC® Sedan, AMG® C 43 Sedan, AMG® C 63 Sedan, AMG® C 63 S Sedan

2020 A-Class

2020 A-Class Sedan

Starting At: $32,800 MSRP*

Compact, agile, and elegant, the new A-Class sedan provides an affordable entry to the Mercedes-Benz lineup. It seats up to five passengers and boasts standard feature highlights like power front seats with 3-position memory and dual-zone automatic climate control.

  • Models: A 220 Sedan, A 220 4MATIC® Sedan, AMG® A 35 4MATIC® Sedan

2016 Mercedes E-Class E300 Sedan in West Chester Ohio

2020 E-Class Sedan

Starting At: $54,050 MSRP*

Distinctive styling, class-leading safety, and trailblazing technology. More than a stroke of genius. A masterpiece of intelligence. Enjoy advanced technologies in the new E-Class like COMAND® Navigation and a Head-Up Display to discover the world of driving where Mercedes-Benz cars look out for you. 

  • Models: E 350 Sedan, E 350 4MATIC® Sedan, E 450 4MATIC® Sedan, AMG® E 53 Sedan, AMG® E 63 S Sedan


2016 Mercedes Models: S550 Sedan, S550e Sedan, S600 Sedan, AMG® S63 Sedan, AMG® S65 Sedan West Chester, Ohio

2020 S-Class Sedan

Starting At: $94,250 MSRP*

The quintessential luxury sedan. Elegant, in everything it does. Instantly recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for its leading luxury appointments like heated 16-way power front seats with memory and active multi-contour front seats with massage. The new E-Class slips through the wind with quiet ease yet stands out in any crowd.

  • Models: S 450 Sedan, S 450 4MATIC® Sedan, S 560 Sedan, S 560 4MATIC® Sedan, S 560e Sedan, AMG® S 63 Sedan

Mercedes-Benz SUVs and Wagons

2016 Mercedes GLA GLA250 AMG® GLA45 SUV in West Chester, Ohio

2021 GLA SUV

Starting At: $36,230 MSRP*

Commuter-friendly size meets family-oriented convenience in the new GLA SUV. Its nimble size delivers an ideal mix of flexibility, fuel-efficiency, and fun. Meanwhile, its advanced engineering delivers genuine capability, true luxury, and class-leading innovation. But what else would you expect from Mercedes-Benz models?

  • Models: GLA 250 SUV, GLA 250 4MATIC® SUV


2017 Mercedes GLE350, GLE400, AMG® AMG® GLE43 Coupe, GLE550e, AMG® GLE63, AMG® GLE63 S, AMG® GLE63 Coupe in West Chester Ohio

2020 GLE SUV

Starting At: $54,250 MSRP*

The new GLE SUV makes a lasting impression from the very first glance. Its athleticism is evident in its solid stance. Advanced power options, agile handling, and an easily adaptable cabin and cargo space make the GLE the right vehicle for whatever you’re doing, right now and down the road.

  • Models: GLE 350 SUV, GLE 350 4MATIC® SUV, GLE 450 4MATIC® SUV, GLE 580 4MATIC® SUV, AMG® GLE 53 4MATIC®+ SUV, AMG® GLE 63 S 4MATIC®+ SUV

2020 glc

2020 GLC SUV

Starting At: $42,500 MSRP*

The GLC SUV is a midsize model with lean muscle. Honed in the wind tunnel and tuned on the track, its long wheelbase, big wheels, and wide track add up to more space, stability, and sportiness. And from its crisp proportions to its chrome details, it attracts admiring eyes during West Chester travels. 

  • Models: GLC 300 SUV, GLC 300 4MATIC® SUV, GLC 350e 4MATIC® SUV, AMG® GLC 43 SUV, AMG® GLC 63 SUV

2017 Mercedes E-Class Models: E350 Wagon, AMG® E63 Wagon

2020 E-Class Wagon

Starting At: $66,100 MSRP*

Versatility meets luxury in the new E-Class Wagon. For decades, our wagon stands out like no other. Spacious yet sporty, elegant without excess, its pure Mercedes-Benz character runs even deeper than its cargo bay. And its advanced design makes its outer beauty just as alluring. It doesn’t just set the standard, it keeps raising it.

  • Models: E 450 4MATIC® Wagon, AMG® E 63 S Wagon

2017 Mercedes GLS Models: GLS450, GLS550, AMG® GLS63 in West Chester, Ohio

2020 GLS SUV

Starting At: $75,950 MSRP*

Step inside the new GLS SUV to find seven luxurious seats designed for comfort and countless innovations in safety, luxury, and driving enjoyment in a full-size SUV. It sets the opulent standard among 7-passenger luxury SUVs, much as the S-Class sets the bar for sedans.

  • Models: GLS 450 SUV, GLS 580 SUV, AMG® GLS 63 SUV

2017 Mercedes G-Class Models: G550, AMG® G63, AMG® G65

2020 G-Class SUV

Starting At: $130,900 MSRP*

Built for longevity, the new G-Class SUV is the square root of legendary design. From its advanced lighting to its classic upright shape, its purposeful elegance is both unmistakable and irrefutable. Every surface reflects the confident capability to take on any surface of the earth.

  • Models: G 550 SUV, AMG® G 63 SUV

2020 glb

2020 GLB SUV

Starting At: $36,600 MSRP*

When you need a little more interior space, step up the ladder of Mercedes-Benz models to the new GLB SUV. It offers comfortable seating for five passengers, with the option of adding a third row to seat seven passengers when needed. 

  • Models: GLB 250 SUV, GLB 250 4MATIC® SUV

Mercedes-Benz Roadsters & Cabriolets (Convertibles)

2017 Mercedes SLC Models: SLC300 Roadster, AMG® SLC45 Roadster Convertible in West Chester, Ohio

2020 SLC Roadster

Starting At: $49,950 MSRP*

An uncompromising four-door coupe with stunning beauty, innovative brains, and turbocharged brawn, the new SLC Roadster is in a class all its own. 

  • Models: SLC 300 Roadster, AMG® SLC 43 Roadster


2017 E-Class E400 Cabriolet E550 Cabriolet in Cincinnati, Ohio

2020 C-Class Cabriolet

Starting At: $53,950 MSRP*

The four-passenger C-Class Cabriolet opens a new era of driving enjoyment and sporty elegance. Its convertible top is woven not just from rich fabric but a legacy of innovation, athleticism, and craftsmanship that never goes out of style, or out of season.

  • Models: C 300 Cabriolet, C 300 4MATIC® Cabriolet, AMG® C 43 Cabriolet, AMG® C 63 Cabriolet, AMG® C 63 S Cabriolet

2017 Mercedes E-Class E400 Cabriolet E550 Cabriolet in West Chester, Ohio

2020 E-Class Cabriolet

Starting At: $71,400 MSRP*

Fun in the sun and next-level summertime enjoyment in a 4-seat soft-top convertible with E-Class features, styling, performance, and safety. The anticipation of cruising in your E-Class Cabriolet will surely help you get through Oxford winter!

  • Models: E 450 Cabriolet, E 450 4MATIC® Cabriolet, AMG® E 53 Cabriolet

2017 Mercedes SL450 Roadster, SL550 Roadster, AMG® SL63 Roadster, AMG® SL65 Roadster in Cinncinnati, Ohio

2020 SL Roadster

Starting At: $91,000 MSRP*

A leaner, stronger, and quicker icon that is ahead of its time and like no other on the West Chester roads, the SL Roadster is the new Mercedes-Benz sports car you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Models: SL 450 Roadster, SL 550 Roadster

2017 Mercedes AMG GT S Coupe in West Chester Ohio

2020 Mercedes-AMG® GT Roadster

Starting At: $127,900 MSRP*

Prefer your Mercedes-AMG® GT model with a soft top? The Roadster iteration delivers, and it’s got a wealth of interior luxuries to match. 

  • Models: AMG® GT Roadster, AMG® GT C Roadster, AMG® GT R Roadster


2017 Mercedes S550 Cabriolet, AMG® S63 Cabriolet, Cabriolet in Cinncinnati, Ohio

2020 S-Class Cabriolet

Starting At: $138,600 MSRP*

Unmatched style, craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury come standard in the new S-Class Cabriolet. In every way, it’s a modern classic that advances the art of open-air motoring.

  • Models: S 560 Cabriolet, AMG® S 63 Cabriolet

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