How to Trade In a Car

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Planning to upgrade your commute from West Chester to Cincinnati with a luxurious new Mercedes-Benz? You can save on your down payment when you trade in your old vehicle! But if you’re new to the process, you’ll first need to know how to trade in a car. When you work with a dealership like Mercedes-Benz of West Chester, the process is simple and hassle-free. Check out our guide below on how to trade in your car to learn more!

Estimating the Value of Your Trade-In

First, you will want to determine the current value of your trade-in. You can use our online value your trade tool to get an instant estimate from the comfort of your home in Oxford. All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s information, as well as your name, email, and phone number so we know how to contact you. Finally, our trade-in calculator will ask for some information regarding the overall condition of your trade-in. After submitting your form, you’ll get the estimated value of your car. 

Prefer to do more research and get estimates from multiple sources? The online tool from Mercedes-Benz of West Chester uses Kelley Blue Book® values, which you can compare against Edmunds True Market Value®

Getting a Dealership Appraisal

The next step for how to trade in your car is to get an appraisal at the dealership. Mercedes-Benz of West Chester is located just a short drive from Monroe. When you visit us with your trade-in, we’ll inspect its overall condition and compare it against our current used vehicle inventory to determine whether it’s sellable for us. Along with your trade-in car, be sure to bring any estimates you’ve gotten (including trade-in offers other dealerships may have made) for our team to reference.

Negotiate or Accept a Trade-In Offer

After appraising your trade-in, we’ll make an offer that you can choose to accept or negotiate on. When we reach an offer you want to move forward with, we’ll close the deal! The entire trade-in process is straightforward, which is one of the advantages of choosing to trade-in at a dealership rather than making a private sale. Other benefits of trading in include:

  • In a private sale, whether or not there is room to negotiate depends on your potential buyers. When you work with a dealership, there is almost always some wiggle room to negotiate, especially if you’ve done your research to back up your offer.
  • If you have an underwater auto loan on your trade-in vehicle and you want to consolidate your balance with the price of your next vehicle, dealerships have in-house finance teams who can help you through the process.

Should you choose to accept your trade-in offer and close the deal, you can put it directly toward a down payment on your next car or simply take a cash payment and save it while you figure out what vehicle you’d like to drive next.

Trade-In Your Car at Mercedes-Benz of West Chester Today!

Ready to trade in your current vehicle and upgrade to a luxury Mercedes-Benz? Contact us to start the trade-in process with Mercedes-Benz of West Chester today! We offer rotating new vehicle specials to make your next purchase that much more affordable.

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